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About BushBolt

Welcome to the ForRangers Bush Bolt – Africa's pioneering endurance equine point-to-point event. Nestled in the unspoiled wilderness of Laikipia, Kenya, beneath the majestic Mount Kenya, this region boasts one of the world's most abundant and diverse habitats for big game. Join us for an unforgettable adventure that seamlessly blends your passion for horses, wildlife, and adventure, all while supporting the dedicated wildlife rangers who protect this pristine wilderness.

The exact event course will be disclosed closer to the start date. Mark your calendars for the 4th - 14th of April, 2025.


Day 0 – Friday 4th April, Nairobi: Please ensure you arrive in Nairobi by the evening to participate in the compulsory pre-event training, starting the following morning.


Day 1 – Saturday 5th April, Pre-Race Day: Sosian Lodge: Immerse yourself in the luxurious Sosian Lodge, where you'll meet fellow competitors and horses. Take this day to finalize your packing and prepare for the race.


Day 2 – Sunday 6th April, Race Start: After a final kit check, embark on a thrilling adventure into the wilderness of Laikipia!


Day 9 – Saturday 12th April, Race Finish, Ceremony and Party: Conclude the event with a remarkable race day and closing ceremony at the breathtaking Borana Lodge in Laikipia.


Day 10 – Sunday 13th April, Return to Nairobi: Buses will depart in the morning from the Finish Camp, transporting participants back to Nairobi.

Where and When

How to Apply


Please fill in our online form here, or email for more information.


Application and Interview Process


Upon submitting your application, you will undergo a formal interview with one of our race organisers. During this interview, we evaluate applications based on various criteria, and you may be asked for additional information or evidence, such as riding photos or references. The interview is also a valuable opportunity for you to address any questions you may have.


Riding Experience: At BushBolt, the welfare of our horses is of utmost importance. We seek riders with a demonstrated ability to manage themselves and their horses during races. If you lack specific experience, a commitment to training and spending time in the saddle to prepare for the Laikipia adventure is essential.


Weight Limit: Please note that there is a non-negotiable maximum weight limit of 85kg (dressed to ride). Additionally, you may carry up to 3kg of kit in your saddlebag and a limited number of resupply bags (refer to Point-to-Point Rules below for more details).


Physical Fitness: Due to the challenging nature of BushBolt, physical fitness is crucial. Prepare yourself for walking certain legs of the race over challenging terrain or providing your horse with a break. Being in good physical condition is essential.


Survival and Camping Experience: As an adventure event, BushBolt requires participants to handle and appreciate the Laikipia wilderness. The point-to-point event traverses remote areas of Laikipia across various Conservancies. Therefore, experience with travelling to remote regions, camping, and previous adventurous endeavours is important, as it demonstrates your understanding of the day-to-day living conditions during the event.


Spirit of the Race – “No Dickheads”: BushBolt is an extraordinary adventure that demands exceptional qualities such as sportsmanship, determination, and the ability to remain resilient even in the face of severe hardships.

Entry Criteria

Entry Fee: $20,000 (USD)


The Event


Welcome to the ForRangers Bush Bolt – Africa's pioneering endurance equine point-to-point event. Nestled in the unspoiled wilderness of Laikipia, Kenya, beneath the majestic Mount Kenya, this region boasts one of the world's most abundant and diverse habitats for big game. Join us for an unforgettable adventure that seamlessly blends your passion for horses, wildlife, and adventure, all while supporting the dedicated wildlife rangers who protect this pristine wilderness.


The BushBolt Team: Our dedicated team at HQ works tirelessly to ensure you have everything you need as you prepare for BushBolt. Whether you signed up 18 months or 2 months ahead, we're here to provide the resources that will assist you in raising sponsorship, fundraising, training, and understanding the adventure you've embarked on. We regularly host webinars featuring founder and Event Director Sam, offering valuable guidance for your training and addressing your questions. Each month, we focus on a different theme with guest speakers from our crew or past Derbies, providing invaluable assistance as you prepare for this remarkable point-to-point event.


The Horses: Rest assured, we've got all the horses you need to complete the course. These horses are well-trained, vaccinated (a Laikipia requirement for horse movement), thoroughly vetted by our excellent veterinarians, and transported to the horse changeover stations with ample food and time for rest.


Veterinary Support: Count on a team of world-class veterinarians dedicated to caring for your horses. Our veterinarians come from all corners of the globe, chosen for their extensive experience and resilience under high-pressure situations. They are hardy, riding ahead of the participants to establish camp at designated vet checks, and ready to respond to any horse-related emergencies that may arise.


Medic Support: We've also assembled a team of skilled medics ready to provide care for you, should the need arise.


Race Crew and Support: A dedicated point-to-point event crew is in place to ensure the seamless and equitable execution of the event. Our team at Point-to-Point HQ, situated locally to the course, comprises a vast array of professionals, including event managers, guides, troubleshooters, operations managers, drivers, interpreters, photographers, media experts, horse owners, landowners, and cooks. They work tirelessly day and night to make BushBolt a reality.


The Course: BushBolt offers a meticulously mapped-out course, pre-reconnoitered for your convenience. The course features strategically located horse stations, vet checks, and an in-depth understanding of the terrain, all thoughtfully marked for you. Additionally, a start line camp is provided for training, a celebratory launch ceremony, and a dramatic finish line awaits you, complete with well-deserved recognition.


Tech and Expertise: You'll have access to a tracking device, allowing both your supporters at home and the point-to-point event crew to monitor your progress. An online blog offers you a platform to share your experiences. Furthermore, leading up to BushBolt, you'll benefit from the expertise of our team at BushBolt HQ and our endurance riding experts.


Lodge Stays: The adventure includes opening and closing nights at Sosian Lodge and Borana Lodge, two of Kenya's most exclusive eco-lodges. The final day will be marked by a memorable closing ceremony.

What's included in the entry fee?

BushBolt offers a truly exhilarating adventure, where participants are encouraged to be self-sufficient while navigating their way between Conservancies and horse stations along the demanding course. In case of emergencies, riders can activate their emergency SOS beacon, prompting a swift response from the Operations Room team, including crew members, medics, vets, and local support, tailored to the specific situation. Multiple teams and support systems work together to ensure the seamless execution of BushBolt.


Equine Vets: A highly skilled team of equine veterinarians will conduct thorough inspections at every vet station, ensuring the well-being of our equine companions throughout the event. They will vigilantly monitor the overall health and condition of the horses, delivering essential care and treatment when needed.


Medics: BushBolt boasts a dedicated team of experienced medics strategically placed along the course to address any participant's medical needs during the race. These professionals are always ready to offer prompt and efficient medical support as required.


Horse Stations: Strategically positioned horse stations are vital hubs of support for our participants. These stations provide horses with much-needed rest and thorough veterinary checks, enabling them to recuperate and ensuring their ongoing health and well-being.


Camps: At the end of each stage, a camp awaits you. Here, you'll have the unique experience of sleeping under the stars on a safari cot, right next to your trusty horse on a picket line.

Event Support

Our dedicated team, comprised of experienced crew members, are strategically positioned along the course to provide invaluable guidance, assistance, and essential logistical support. With a deep understanding of the race's challenges, they play a central role in the successful execution of BushBolt.


Emergency Responders: In the event of emergencies, a network of local support and emergency responders stands ready to address unforeseen situations promptly and effectively. Coordinated by our Operations Room team, these responders ensure the safety and well-being of all participants

Event Crew

Distance: In contrast to traditional horse races, BushBolt measures success not by time, but by the shortest distance covered. The event course spans approximately 500 kilometres in total.


Wildlife Bonus: To encourage exploration of Laikipia's rich biodiversity, participants have the opportunity to earn bonus kilometres for sightings of specific wildlife species. Proof of these sightings, in the form of photographs, must be submitted to the Wildlife Bonus Review Team at the finish camp. Bonus kilometres will be subtracted from your total distance.


Kit: Participants are allowed a specified number of resupply bags that the BushBolt team will transport and make available at designated horse stations.


Giving Back: BushBolt is not just an adventure; it's also a chance to give back to the Laikipia community. We encourage participants to embrace the spirit of conservation, and learn about, and respect the wildlife and ecosystems that make Laikipia so unique. Together, we can leave a positive impact and help preserve this incredible region for future generations.

Event Rules

We'll provide you with technical and pre-point-to-point event training before the main event. However, it's essential to recognise that this training alone won't suffice to attain the level of fitness and mental resilience required to successfully complete the point-to-point event. To meet these demands, you should dedicate months to preparation before your arrival in Laikipia. We've designed a comprehensive Riders' Handbook loaded with valuable insights to kickstart your preparation journey. Additionally, our team of seasoned riders and endurance riding experts is here to offer guidance as you get ready. Here are some key considerations:


Physical Training: Even if you're an avid rider, it's likely that you'll need to elevate your physical fitness. During BushBolt, you'll traverse long distances in exceedingly challenging terrain, covering 500km in total. Don't assume that because you're mounted on a horse, it won't be physically demanding. The fitter you are, the longer you'll endure, and the safer you'll be for both you and your horse.


Mental Preparation: Embarking on a 500km journey across an unfamiliar landscape while riding unfamiliar horses will undoubtedly present numerous mental challenges. While it's impossible to prepare for every unknown element of the BushBolt, riders with prior adventure and survival experience tend to adapt better to the conditions in Laikipia. Please note that this adventure offers no luxuries, and the entry fee reflects the scale of logistics and the event's ambitious nature, rather than providing excessive guidance from the Equestrians.


Logistical Readiness: Riders are responsible for their transportation to Nairobi and obtaining any necessary visas. We'll meet you in Nairobi and arrange transportation to the start camp, where you'll be under our care until the BushBolt concludes. You'll receive a comprehensive schedule with dates, meeting times, and pre-point-to-point event training details well in advance. You're required to provide all your survival equipment and riding gear, except for the horses' tack, which includes the saddle, bridle, saddle pad, and girth.


Technical: For your safety and tracking purposes, we'll supply you with a personal satellite tracker, allowing our crew and your loved ones at home to pinpoint your location. This tracker also features an emergency alert function. Detailed training on this device will be provided at the start line, and our point-to-point event crew will verify its proper functioning at horse stations. Additionally, we'll provide you with a GPS unit, preloaded with horse and vet station waypoints for your convenience. Training on these devices will also be available at the start line, but we recommend familiarising yourself with them before the BushBolt if you've never used one before.

Preparation and Training


Like all equine and adventure sports, participation in this event carries inherent risks. It's crucial to secure appropriate insurance to cover your participation.


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