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The ForRanger BushBolt is a huge undertaking, involving many people coming together to stage the race with around 50 horses.

Throughout the event, riders receive unwavering support from a dedicated ensemble, including rangers, veterinarians, medics, horse managers, event crew, volunteers, camp managers and staff, as well as a media crew.

The Crew

Simon Kenyon

Simon was born in Kenya and grew up on a farm in Laikipia near Mount Kenya. Simon, who has a degree in Zoology, started as a back up guide to Tristan Voorspuy and soon started to lead the Offbeat Safaris. As well as spending 5 years as head guide and lodge manager at Sosian Lodge in Laikipia, Simon has been leading rides in the Masai Mara and throughout Laikipia for Offbeat for the past 15 years. Simon has also worked for Jakob Von Plessen of Jakotango Horse Safaris in Argentina, Robin Hurt Safaris in Kenya and has ridden with Okavango Horse Safaris in Botswana, so he knows what it takes to give his guests the best riding safari experience. Simon’s sense of fun and passion for the bush is infectious and his extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for Kenya provides a unique experience for his guests.

Daisy Soames

Daisy Soames has been guiding riding safaris with Offbeat for over 10 years. After graduating university, she came to Kenya to work full time on safari. She has guiding qualifications in both South Africa and Kenya, and has worked extensively throughout the country, as well as having worked on riding safaris in Botswana and Argentina. She spends half of the year in Kenya and the other six months guiding safaris in Patagonia. In between she fits in riding all around the world, including recently in Namibia and Spain. She is passionate about wildlife and wild places, and adores introducing people to both. Daisy is a highly knowledgeable horse woman and safari guide as well as being a wonderfully entertaining host.

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